I've been on a writing hiatus.   I am told this is the most surefire way to let your blog die.  However, after more than a year of being immersed in some life changing work, too many thoughts are swirling in my head, telling me it's time to write them down again.  If it ends up just being for me, I am ok with that.  But my sincere hope is that there are others who might engage with these thoughts, in whatever way is useful - agree, disagree, cause to think, cause to change, cause to unfollow.  I like to hear others' perspectives and I like conversations that make me stop and think - this is why I write a blog rather than simply in a journal.  Perhaps much of what I write will be just for me.  But if not, I hope you will say something, ask something, push back - because, as Gary Snyder says, " think clearly we must avoid narrow interests or entrenched opinions."

The purpose of this blog going forward will be about the same - my experiences and thoughts as a professional psychotherapist, applied to the day in day out aspects of our lives.  I am currently pulled to think on and write about the topics of connection, fear, relationship, nature (human and otherwise) - pretty similar to before.  However, I may stray into theory and philosophy some these days as I am reading and challenging my own thinking more.  It's possible I've grown more holistic and "woo woo" in my time away - so, if you do decide to read along, prepare yourself for that.

As I have said before, take what fits for you, leave the rest.....but maybe let it percolate first.  I intend to do the same.