*At this time, I am not seeing clients - I am still consulting/training and open to collaboration.

Note: I do not accept insurance.  I do accept HSA cards.  

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Natural Lifemanship Certified Clinician and Equine Professional ; my practice is experiential and almost entirely nature-based - most clients feel more freedom to be themselves when moving and outdoors.  Please refer to my “About Me” page for more information on my theoretical background and training.

The Way I Work: My approach to therapy is somewhat unique - I believe in experiences as well as conversation to bring about growth and healing, particularly for families. In a therapy session you can expect to be up and moving, often outdoors and sometimes in the company of horses (if appropriate). Based on our understanding of neurobiology, we know incorporating movement into therapeutic experience helps a client to relax, fully engage, and open up. When the body feels, the mind learns.

I do not work in hour long, weekly sessions as most other therapists do. I believe for experiential work more time is needed, less frequently. Please see below for session options. My intention is to create a safe space within which we can begin to understand how our internal world impacts our external lives through psychodrama, walking, play, and interactions with each other and horses. This is a collaborative effort in a safe space - my intention is to never overwhelm my clients, but help them clear out their emotional clutter so they may approach their lives with a peaceful sense of purpose.

Find a way of being that feels intentional, with joy and authenticity.

Intensives.  Intensives are sessions in a more condensed format - more can be done in a single session, and therefore fewer sessions are needed. Intensives can be half-day, full day, or multi day and be one-time or repeated.  Each intensive is tailored to the needs of each client and is conducted outdoors when possible and in partnership with horses when desired.  Families, parents, and small groups are all welcome.  I also particularly enjoy working with individuals who want to reflect and improve on the experiences they had in the course of their Natural Lifemanship trainings. Minimum 2 hour session required.

Adjunctive Work.  If you are already seeing a talk therapist but feel stuck or like you are going around in circles - a day experiencing the outdoors can be incredibly helpful to knock loose new and valuable insights.  We will work with your current therapist to offer you an intensive that supports your current therapy goals.  Minimum 2 hours required.

Retreats.  Retreats are one or more days of equine work, mindfulness, journaling, nature, and community.  I particularly enjoy putting together retreats for parents, therapists, and other wellness professionals.  Please inquire if you are interested - most retreats are built on demand. 

Consultation, trainings, presentations, workshops.  As a former teacher, a current family therapist, an Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, and an Equine Professional, I have a unique blend of training in neurobiology, child development, family systems, horse-human relationships, trauma, and clinical work.  I offer the following services, fees vary by service:

  • Workshops for parent groups, schools, and clinicians, etc - workshops can include equine experiences.

  • Consultation - I offer in-person and phone consultations for mental health professionals seeking to improve their work in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. If you are going through Natural Lifemanship certification please schedule through their website so your hours count toward certification.



1 hour Consultation (minimum): $150 

2 hour Intensive (minimum): $350

Half Day Intensive (3 hrs, includes breaks): $500

Full Day Intensive (6 hrs, includes breaks): $1,000

Please inquire about multi-day sessions, workshops or retreats - these are built on demand and therefore pricing varies. 


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